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Hello there.Here I am as usual,handing in my assignment barely on time.Well here goes.My hubby Dave and I just had our 34th anniv.July27th.we're celebrating our almost8thyr. of grandparenting.Just to give you heads up,I've sized UP and look like a typical gramma.Although let me assure you, that was NOT my intention.Our sons,Jeremy33married with2boys.Nicholas is my guy who promoted my job description to gramma.(@4he noticed our wedding photo& asking me,"Whose that Gramma?"If that wasn't funny enough,he studied my face looking bk.and forth between the two images and with a quizzical look on his face he simply asked,"What happened?!"Yep that one's goin down.Joseph31married,in Ca.(sniffle multiple times)with3girls,Mia born June19th08.Jesse22 lives at ho.wo.landscaping.We get to put his room/board he pays into our RothIRA.Josh 20 headed to the University,and that's what we have a retirement fund for,right?We've had some sadnesses this summer so it's especially going to be nice getting together with all my Omak High school friends.See ya Friday!God keep us all safe. Deborah Rochon(for you Debbie of course!) (: