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Debbie's update

Hello there.Here I am as usual,handing in my assignment barely on time.Well here goes.My hubby Dave and I just had our 34th anniv.July27th.we're celebrating our almost8thyr. of...
Last Post: Aug 14th 2008
Author: Deb
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Early morning breakfasts..........
Early morning breakfast get-togethers! Remember how much fun it was to be forced out of bed in the cold early morning, and taken to breakfast at someone's house. I guess kids can't do that anymore...
Last Post: Mar 4th 2008
Author: Janie
# of posts: 2
Juvenile Court
I remember this being a very exciting thing. My mother was very cool about it and if I recall, we had to clean the spray paint off the school as punishment.
Last Post: Jan 19th 2008
Author: Janie
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