I am in contact with Dick Whittman's sister.  I told her about the Memorial Balloon Release we did at the reunion.  Here is a message I received from her:

Katherine Nickens Oh My Thank all his classmates for doing that.And you.You have no idea what doing that means to me Janie. I just turned 75 in July and I do not think I will ever get over loosing him ,I loved my brother Dick so much .He was really a good person and a wonderful Brother and to loose him at 19 in that snowstorm was devastating...You have all touched my Heart and I know Dick liked that red heart shaped balloon as much as you all did releasing it ..Love You all for doing this .Omak 1968 Class Reunion. You are the best.


Even though Cliff Webster wasn't able to be at the reunion, I've obtained a photo of him taken yesterday, August 4, 2018.  Hi to Cliff!  (thanks Cheryl)
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